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City leaders establish a precedent on addressing nuisances

When is enough, enough?

For the city of Vicksburg, the Vicksburg Police Department and those longing for a safe and stable community, it would appear three people getting shot and a days-long search for the suspect is enough.

In recent years, LD’s Kitchen — for one reason or another — has appeared on the police reports far too many times. Whether it is the fault of the owners or not, the establishment has become a problematic itch to local officials that simply will not go away. 

During a press conference Thursday, Mayor George Flaggs Jr. announced a proposal that would declare the establishment a nuisance. Flaggs not only cited the hundreds of police calls and visits to the property during the past year, but also cited the level of violence that has at times erupted from the large groups of people who have gathered at and around the establishment. 

The last straw, it seemed, was Tuesday’s shooting, where three people were shot, one critically, just after 11 p.m. One of the victims was a security guard working that night.

Not only can the city allow such a nuisance to go unchecked, but especially one that is located next to a playground and a park that is a showcase piece to thousands of visitors each and every year. 

In addition, the management of LD’s has long been warned and penalized for past security failures.

On two separate occasions, the establishment has been temporarily shut down by the city until it agreed to stronger security measures and steps to control patrons. It appears those efforts were not strong enough.

No one likes to see government at any level overreach in its authority, but in the case where the public wellbeing is involved then stronger measures should be both allowed and utilized.

Pushing this issue to the point of declaring LD’s a nuisance was not the first option, but it is the last.

By taking this step, city leaders have served notice not just to LD’s, but to any others who might not take seriously the need to provide a safe and secure environment for their customers or their community. 

The precedent has been set.