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Sykes credits Alcorn experience in making law enforcement history

PORT GIBSON — An Alcorn State alum has made history in Claiborne County. 

Christy Sykes, who earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in workforce education leadership from Alcorn State University, became Claiborne County’s first female chief deputy. 

“It feels great to be the first female chief deputy here at home,” Sykes said. “I was shocked and grateful when (Claiborne County Sheriff Edward Goods Sr.) selected me out of all the candidates he interviewed for the position.”

With her appointment, Sykes said she is trying to be a role model for current women in law enforcement and women pursuing a career in the field. She encourages women searching for a legal career to maintain a good work ethic and have faith in their abilities. 

“I believe that the sky is the limit. I tell all women, especially those in law enforcement, always to do their best even when it seems no one is watching,” Sykes said. “God takes care of his people, so continue to believe in your dreams.” 

Goods, who worked with Sykes at Alcorn before being elected sheriff in Claiborne County, was impressed by her dedication to learning and progressing in law enforcement.

“Sykes and I worked at Alcorn together for 13 years,” Goods said. “I sat back and watched her take advantage of Alcorn’s educational programs by earning multiple degrees. After watching her progress, knowing all of her credentials, seeing how dedicated she was to Alcorn, and praying about my decision, I knew it was the right choice to make. I’m the politician, but she is the backbone of our department.”  

Working in Alcorn’s police department for more than a decade equipped Sykes for her current role. Sykes said Alcorn gave her countless opportunities to enhance her knowledge and skills. She thanked the university and its police department for preparing her for excellence. 

“I learned report writing, traffic control, patience, and how to listen to what’s going on around me. I built a relationship with students, which is something I’m continuing to do as chief,” Sykes said. “Alcorn paid for my education and offered training opportunities that I took advantage of. The opportunities that Alcorn provided is what makes me who I am today.”