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Our leaders went above and beyond to secure a COVID-19 vaccination site

The first round of vaccines for Mississippians 75 and older rolled out last week, and the Mississippi State Health Department set up 18 mobile sites where vaccines would be administered.

Unfortunately, Warren County was not chosen to host one of them.

This week, the age of those available to get the vaccine was lowered to 65 and those with pre-existing health conditions were also allowed. More appointments were opened up.

But, again, Warren County was not chosen to host one of the vaccination sites.

And then, just as officials were days away from announcing a site had been given to Warren County, the allotment of vaccinations in the state was gone. Every dose was allocated.

While this was disappointing, what was worse was the finger-pointing by some claiming that not enough was being done for Warren County to host a site.

Those offering criticism and pointing fingers showed they simply did not understand the process or were trying to score cheap political points. Either way, doing so was both a shame and embarrassing.

Not only were our leaders at every level working every angle to persuade the Mississippi State Department of Health to expand the number of sites, but so too were many of our doctors.

In fact, during Gov. Tate Reeves’ press conference Tuesday, The Vicksburg Post posed questions to State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs as to why Warren County wasn’t on the list as a mobile site.

Before Dobbs answered the questions, he acknowledged he had been receiving a lot of calls from Warren County officials — which is evident in our eyes; the leaders in the community were doing and continue to do all they can to have a mobile vaccination site established in Warren County. They were not sitting and waiting. They were being proactive and showing true leadership, despite what some of our want-to-be power mongers think.

We are not sure why some would find this opportunity to stab others in the back, take to social media and make grandiose statements, but it is beneath them and the positions they hold.

Just because efforts to land a vaccination site were not done in public, with loud megaphones and made a production does not mean that work — real work — was not being done behind the scenes with the right people leading the way.

Even though our site might be delayed, Warren County will have a vaccination site when more vaccine is made available. Until that time, we ask that everyone do what they can to remain safe.