Investment in Halls Ferry Park shows it has a bright future

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Halls Ferry Park has gone through a tremendous transition in recent years — at times for the better.

Over the years, the park has seen tennis grow more popular at the facility, while youth baseball in Vicksburg has changed homes, switching most of its activities each year to Sports Force Parks on the Mississippi.

Today, the park features a dynamic tennis facility and will soon welcome a pickleball complex, attracting yet another generation of sports enthusiasts to a facility that has over the years played a key role in Vicksburg sports.

While the Vicksburg Girls Softball Association still calls the park home — welcoming hundreds of people throughout the week during its spring season — the park has seen better days. 

Despite the at times heroic efforts on the part of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, the park is in need of additional investment, which is why Monday’s announcement of the contract being awarded for the new pickleball complex was encouraging. Add to that the news the city has awarded the contract to extend the road from Halls Ferry Road into the park and the future for this proud facility is brightening. 

With that project in particular — the road expansion — city leaders have shown they are committed to the success of the park. And, by doing so, have a unique opportunity to honor, in some way, the people who have breathed life into that facility over the years — the children, the coaches and the parents.

As the road is constructed, it is our hope city leaders will research and determine the best name for that new road that honors those who made — and continue to make — the park successful. Whether it be an individual, a group or other idea, the name should further connect the park to the community it serves.

Halls Ferry Park has had a rich history, and thanks to the focus it is receiving from city leaders and the passionate care it receives from city employees, it also has a bright future.