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Board of Trustees honor educator, mentor and great leader Stirgus

The Vicksburg Warren School District adopted a resolution honoring former educator and community leader Jim Strigus Sr., who died in December. He was 90.

Stirgus spent nearly 35 years as a teacher, principal, superintendent and doing various other jobs in Warren County’s education system. He served as principal of Rosa A. Temple High School and later as superintendent of the Vicksburg City School System. The Vicksburg High School football field is named for him.


Below is the full text of the proclamation honoring Stirgus: 

The Board of Trustees of the Vicksburg Warren School District in an effort to honor and memorialize one of its former great leaders and, in an effort to recognize the contributions of a staunch supporter of public schools in this community, does hereby agree to adopt the following resolution:

WHEREAS, James E. Stirgus departed this life on December 17, 2020, at the age of 90 years after a lifetime of commitment to public education and community support; and

WHEREAS, Stirgus graduated from Alcorn State University in 1959, and was a devoted supporter of his alma mater, including serving as its National Alumni President; and

WHEREAS, Stirgus and his lovely wife, Ann, raised four children in Vicksburg, each of them being good students and valued members of the community at large; and

WHEREAS, Stirgus served his country with distinction and honor in the Korean War; and

WHEREAS, Stirgus served the Vicksburg Warren School District (and its predecessor public schools) in numerous capacities, including as a teacher, assistant principal at Bowman Elementary from 1953-1960; principal and truancy officer of Temple High School from 1960- 1973; assistant superintendent from 1974-1986; and, superintendent from 1986-87; and, as such he has contributed significantly to the leadership, education and development of countless boys and girls of this community, as well as the success of this entire school district; and

WHEREAS, Stirgus was a charter member of The Port City Kiwanis, where he befriended and mentored other members providing community service; and

WHEREAS, numerous successful people throughout this country attribute their educational and career success to Stirgus; and

WHEREAS, Stirgus leaves behind his loving wife, Ann his beloved children, Connie A. Stirgus-Marley, Wayne A. Stirgus, Michael J. Stirgus, and James E. Stirgus, Jr., and his adored grandchildren; and

WHEREAS, Stirgus’ passing will leave a tremendous void in this community and specifically with the Vicksburg Warren School District.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Vicksburg Warren School District hereby honors the life and work of James E. Stirgus, Sr., a good friend and longtime faithful supporter of public education in this community, recognizing the valuable contributions he made to the well-being of so many students, faculty and staff of the District (and its predecessors).

FURTHER, that this Resolution be presented to his wife, Ann Stirgus, and his entire family.