To earn our votes, we must have candidates who inspire us

Published 6:12 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2021

There is nothing like a local election season to both inspire and frustrate the electorate. The candidates vying for the three seats on the city’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen have a unique opportunity at a tremendously unique time in Vicksburg’s history.

Following Friday’s qualifying deadline, the field for Vicksburg’s municipal election has been set, kicking off weeks of campaigning before the April 6 party primaries and the June 8 general election ballot.

During these next few months, these candidates will not only have to try to rally support in what is always an interesting election cycle but do so at a time when COVID-19 prevents many of the classic campaign techniques. It is not a good idea this time around to shake hands or schedule large gatherings.

But while the tools and strategies used may be different, the mission for these candidates remains the same, as does the responsibility.

At a time when we as a community and a society have gone through so much division, it is crucial these candidates explain how they are the best for the jobs as compared to why their opponents are not. We need candidates who can build us up, rather than show how we can tear one another down.

The 10 candidates who are competing  must find ways to inspire and unite. Those efforts will be remembered and applauded. On the flip side, those candidates who choose to belittle and divide will also be remembered and receive their just rewards in fewer votes and quick defeats.

During a time when so many have faced and overcome so many unbelievable challenges, we deserve campaigns worthy of our support and our votes.

We want leaders who take action and can provide a clear and positive path forward with our community.

We challenge those running for office, to lead us and inspire us. Otherwise, move aside.