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Moore: We can’t turn our backs on our youth

The following column was submitted by Vicksburg Police Chief Milton Moore.

Days later this is still weighing on me. This past week was bittersweet. The Vicksburg Police was able to clear several violent cases. These cases ranged from drive-by shootings, armed robberies and aggravated assaults.

The disturbing part is that these violent crimes were all committed by juveniles. Two of the juveniles arrested were 15, the other one was 17. Even more disturbing, two of these kids were in court alone without any support from a parent, guardian, other family member or friend.

Yes, I’m the police chief, but to see a child in front of a judge, facing serious charges, with no one there to support them is disheartening. As a community, we have to do better.

We cannot turn our backs on our youth. I will gladly sit down and talk to any child if the parent will bring them to my office for some advice or guidance. This past week should be evident that our youth need us all.