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Letter to the editor: Atwood applauded for his help with our schools, community

Dear editor,

As Emmett Atwood retires from the automobile business, I feel it is time to thank him for the support he has given our hometown.

Emmett has been a big supporter of youth sports and our public schools. He, along with J.E. Blackburn, led the effort to bring Hinds Community College to Warren County.

His specific emphasis was on developing a strong auto mechanics program for local students to train for the automotive industry. Emmett worked with teachers Robert Thornell, Harvey Harris and Jim Park in getting a factory-approved automobile given to the local auto program for study.

Emmett served as an advisor to the local Vo-Tech Complex for many years. He also sponsored competitions between local training programs and other programs around the state and region.

Mr. Atwood promoted the hunting and fishing effort in Warren County. He was always ready to swing his support to parades, outdoor tournaments, and baseball and softball teams. He could be counted on to wave the flag for Vicksburg and Warren County schools and the local YMCA.

Thank you Emmett Atwood for being a friend to our community. You will be remembered for your charity and friendship.


Joseph L. Loviza

Dean Emeritus, Hinds Community College