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Question 14. Who are your personal heroes in public life? Why?

Beauman: In politics, it would be Kirk Fordice and Don Miller. They both put aside their businesses for a time and showed that city and state governments could be and should be run like a business. In sports, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Mark McGwire because they have given back to the communities that supported them. In life, my parents. They taught me respect, discipline, love and most of all about God. They taught by example and I have striven to do the same.

Smith: One of my personal heroes in public life has always been former President Ronald Reagan. He was the guiding force that helped the thinking of many in my generation. When he became our 40th president, our nation’s morale was at an all-time low somewhat like the morale here in Vicksburg. With him as my inspiration I hope that I too can help Vicksburg become “that shining city upon the hill.”

Question 15: Looking back four years from now, what do you hope to be able to say that you and your fellow city board members accomplished?

Beauman: That we brought Vicksburg from “potential” to “reality.” As VHS baseball coach Jamie Creel said, “I hate potential because it means you have done nothing yet.” I would hope that in four years we can say, “We have realized and worked to our potential.”

Smith: That we tried our best. We always looked after the best interests of the taxpayers and the citizens. After all, isn’t that what “public service” is supposed to be about?