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Pre PlanningToday, not tomorrow.Together, not alone.

A death occurs. And without warning, a family member or friend is left to make all the difficult decisions of arranging a funeral. Most have no idea of what is involved, what the costs are and most importantly, what arrangements the deceased would have wanted.

Pre planning allows you to protect your family members or friends from the stress of difficult funeral decisions. It also eliminates any guesswork about what kind of choices you might have preferred.

Advance funeral planning is a deciwsion only you can make. Our pre arranged funeral program with the Forethought Group allows you to plan ahead by making wise personal choices, in writing, knowing that your wishes will be honored. Many families are making the decision to pre arrange and pre fund their funeral before the need arises.

Existing pre need programs

Riles Funeral Home will honor and accept all pre paid contracts at no additional cost or loss of benefit. Valid burial policies will be accepted at face value regardless of the date or location of purchase.

Affordable pre arrangements

with inflation protection

By purchasing your funeral in advance, you can lock in the cost of your funeral based on today’s costs. The Forethought Plan is designed to protect you and your family from funeral price increases. The Forethought Plan with Riles Funeral Home guarantees that the funeral you arrange today will be available just as you specified without additional cost to you or your family, even years later when they are needed.


Whether you decide to move out of town or across the country, your pre arrangements are transferable.

If your would like more information about pre planning, please call us at (601) 629-0050.