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Strange rolls second 300 game

[8/4/04]Jackie Strange shook the house at the Rockin’ Grandpas Bowling Tournament in Natchez.

The Vicksburg resident rolled his second 300 game the perfect score for bowlers and flirted briefly with back-to-back 300s.

“After I bowled the 300, I started the next game with three straight strikes,” said Strange, who ended up with a 234 in the second game.

Strange has one granddaughter and his daughter is due again around the New Year. He said there is no age limit to play in the six week summer tournament.

He said as he lined up in the 10th frame, the atmosphere was different than the first time he rolled one.

“I wasn’t nearly as nervous,” Strange said. “I pulled one shot, but it carried. After that, I really thought I had some good shots.

“I wanted it bad. I was writing down everyone’s scores so that I could keep myself occupied and not think too much about it.”

Another difference for Strange came from the crowd’s reaction.

The first time he rolled a 300 in a sanctioned match it was at Vicksburg’s Red Carpet Lanes, and hundreds of local rollers surrounded him and cheered loudly after each late strike.

“People right around me knew that I was shooting good, but I don’t think many others did,” Strange said. “There were 10 or 15 people around me, but it wasn’t like the last one.”

Bowlers who throw a 300 are entitled to a diamond ring. Now with his second, Strange will get a stone added to the ring to signify the achievement.

“The best thing is that our team is winning,” Strange said.