Post photo newsworthy, but too graphic and disturbing

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This letter is regarding the photo that was used with the cover story on Sept. 3. I understand the intensity of the situation and I also acknowledge that things could have easily gotten out of hand and many people could have been injured. It was definitely a newsworthy story.

With that being said, I would like to express my disappointment in The Vicksburg Post for allowing a photo of a man holding a gun to his head to be published. I am aware that we are surrounded by violence. It is in movies, on television and even in some video games. As a society, we have become somewhat desensitized to seeing violent acts being committed.

I am an adult and I was very disturbed by the image; it is very haunting and graphic. I can only imagine how a child would feel about seeing this. As a parent of small children, I try to shelter them from images like this one. I would think that a newspaper that pushes “Newspapers in Education” would have chosen its cover photo more wisely.

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Kenda McMillian


Set, keep a budget

Every paper speaks of the national debt — now in the trillions. Before I was 6 years old, Dad gave me an allowance of 25 cents a week so when somebody took me out I could buy something I wanted with my own money. Later, probably for a birthday, he gave me a little bank box with six individual canisters in it, which posed a mathematical problem because there were only five nickels in a quarter. I divided one between personal and recreation — 3 cents for personal and 2 cents for recreation, so there weren’t many movies.

This went on for some years, even after he raised my allowance to 30 cents. Eventually there came a time when one account owed another. Expenses continued and even though I tried hard it became clear I could never pay myself back. So I wrote it off and quit spending for anything unless the money was there to pay for it.

The country is in exactly the same predicament. There is no way possible to erase the national debt and it is ridiculous to keep talking about it. It would be better to just forget it and start over with the firm resolve not to pad every project or spend a dime more than absolutely necessary or pay CEOs exorbitant salaries or athletes contracts in the millions. This inflation did not just happen overnight. It was a gradual process and with everybody taking part it can gradually be reduced.

We are living on mythical numbers that do not exist. There is a wide chasm between knowledge and realization. Knowledge is the factual side of the brain, but realization is the bright white light of full understanding — the whys and wherefores in our existence and the obligations attached. Coupled with these are the words of wisdom garnered from those whose lives have touched or mingled with ours.

L.C. Giles


TEA and GOP not twins

As a new member of the Vicksburg TEA Party, I read with great interest and sadness Mr. Rudy Smith’s letter in Sunday’s Post. I am sorry that Mr. Smith, an obviously right-thinking individual, is laboring under a small misapprehension. Everything he writes is right-on with a few small exceptions.

He seems to think that the TEA Party is in some way connected to or sympathetic to the Republican Party.  False.  He seems to think that our only raison d’etre is to “snipe” at the government. Semi-false.

I cannot speak for the party, but I think I am fairly representative. First of all, the Vicksburg TEA Party did not even exist a month ago. Now it has over 100 members. It started, basically, with an Op-Ed column in The Vicksburg Post, by Ms. Betty Stout, a fellow Vicksburg resident.

I am a long-term conservative-republican, with a basic dissatisfaction with government, and an American’s love of apathy. After “W” was elected (with my vote), I really started having reservations. After 9/11, I felt that many heads should have rolled, starting with the president’s security advisor, Condoleeza Rice … nothing!  Then we started hearing rumbles of WMD in Iraq … something!

I had large reservations from the beginning. I felt that we went into that war so that “W” could fix his daddy’s (perceived) error. We went to war, got rid of Saddam (a plus) and didn’t find any WMDs (a huge minus). Each time one of these events occurred, my resentment built, and my derriere came a little further off the seat, but no real motion. Then Mr. Obama got elected (without my vote) due to the incredible stupidity of the Republican Party.  I said, “OK, the Repubs couldn’t do it, let’s see how the Dems. do.”  Then all of a sudden my derriere was completely off the seat, and my body fully in motion … the motivation that resentment couldn’t accomplish was now fear! 

The TEA Party is still in the throes of initial organization, forming proactive positions. We’re admittedly still reactive, based on our short history and we hope to make progress.  We need all the help we can get. How about it?

Arthur J. White


Lines and signs

Is it just me or is it a little frustrating coming out of the Kroger parking lot over by the UPS Store?

The traffic light situation at Kroger is mass confusion. Some believe there is a single lane leaving the parking lot as others have made it two lanes.

So which is it? We have no lines or signs to inform us and what will eventually happen is an accident.

Whatever department is responsible for keeping us “in line,” please paint something at the light at Kroger to clear up the confusion!

Ginger Kelly


Tirade was pointless

The tirade by guest columnist Thelma Dukes in the Sept. 1 edition was obviously written by a black, angry, racist female, which was best described by Shakespeare several hundred years ago in a quotation that ends, “and signifying nothing.”

Richmond Sharbrough