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Vicksburg native hopes for a better impression on return visit

Dear editor,

For the past several years my wife and I, who live in Madison, have been frequent visitors to Vicksburg. I was born there and left after high school, and then lived in other parts of the country. My wife is a native of Kosciusko and, like me, has traveled and moved around many other places.  I returned to Mississippi in 2010 and Frances and I were married in 2012 at St. Catherine’s Village in Madison. We have greatly enjoyed our visits to the city of my birth.

I am a subscriber to The Vicksburg Post and maintain a great interest in my hometown. There are so many attractions,  activities and restaurants in your lovely city. Sadly, I read of a seeming explosion of crime in Vicksburg.

Anyone anticipating a possible visit to Vicksburg will probably do some research and discover that the crime rate is very high and seemingly worse in the last three to four years. Perhaps there should be a renewed intense focus on this problem, with city and countywide efforts to combat this recent outbreak.

You have great leadership in your mayor and board of alderman as well as the county board of supervisors.

I know everyone is aware of the problem and have confidence that you will continue to address it, hopefully with a lot of success. We are awaiting a better impression before returning for our next visit.

Thomas L. Ramsey