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Culkin Water District issues boil water notice Monday

A water line break Monday has led the Culkin Water District to issue a boil water notice for a large number of customers.

In a statement from the District, customers along the following areas should begin boil water practices immediately:

  • 56 block of Boy Scout Road to the 2384 block of Boy Scout Road
  • Brandi Lane
  • Briana Lane
  • Covington Quarters
  • 1725 block of Culkin Road to the 3610 block of Culkin Road
  • Lexi Lane
  • Marion Bragg Drive
  • 1000 block of Oak Ridge Road located within Warren County

“When a water distribution system loses pressure, contaminants can siphon back into the system,” the District said in their release. “Public health officials consider any system that has lost pressure contaminated until tests of the water prove otherwise.”

The District said that once pressure is restored to the affected areas, water system officials will begin collecting samples for testing. Until the boil water notice is lifted, customers should “vigorously boil their water for two minutes before it is consumed or use an alternate source for drinking and cooking.”