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Reeves issues limits on college stadiums, gameday events

JACKSON — Thursday, Gov. Tate Reeves issued social distancing measures for college and university outdoor stadiums and game day events to ensure the safety of participants and limit transmission in the continued fight against COVID-19.

Reeves signed a new executive order to establish social distancing measures for campus outdoor stadiums that are in effect until Aug. 31 at 8 a.m.

“I know it’s a topic that we constantly get questions about. It’s something that’s been polarizing around the country — some conferences have opted not to make any effort to play. Some states have not yet put out their plans,” Reeves said. “This is an effort, which we worked closely with the universities on, to set a floor. We took their joint recommendations, and with a little work, we put this plan together. This is the minimum that each school is required to do this fall, to keep players and spectators safe while allowing college football to occur.”

Reeves made the announcement during a press conference Thursday.

Under Executive Order No. 1519, bowl seating is limited to no more than 25 percent of seating capacity while maintaining the 6-feet distance between households, with limits on club areas and suites as well.

Additional social distancing measures include:

  • Everyone over the age of 6 must wear masks as they enter/exit and throughout the stadium unless they are seated. Masks are strongly encouraged while seated.
  • Gameday events such as tailgating and rallies outside the stadiums are prohibited.
  • Individuals allowed on the sidelines are limited to those essential for the game.
  • Concession stands are open, though grab-n-go food and drink options are strongly encouraged.
  • All transactions should be contactless and touchless, such as mobile ticketing and cashless concessions.